Some of the Creatures Have Broken
the Locks on the Door to Lab 558

A video for my brothers song Some of the creatures have broken the locks on the door to lab 558 which can be heard here.

This one comprised quite a few different techniques scale miniatures, sculptures and puppetry, macro photography and visual effects. The first step was to construct a lab miniature.

This was done by by building a scale miniature. This is mostly comprised of mdf, styrene plastic, polystyrene and various found objects for detailing.
I also built some scale floodlights into the model itself.

Here's the lab being filmed.

I also needed a tentacle which I created by building a mechanism and then casting a silicon skin to cover it. I also needed to create some slime which I did using a recipe fround on youtube. More on that here.

Here's the tentacle being filmed.

I also made use of some new macro tube extenders that I'd bought for my camera. They basically let you get much closer to an object than you'd normally be able. I used these to shoot food coluring and various other bits and pieces for the intro to the video.

There's more info on my blog.