Steampunk Airship

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During editing of the Spinning the Compass video I decided we needed a final piece to tie everything together. I started building a flying galleon that would serve as the antagonists' lair that the main character stumbles into at the end. I also used the miniature for Beast of the Air.

This is a scale miniature that will be shot against greenscreen and the open sky.

A few details of the ship include a light behind the windows to give them an orange glow and barnacles and other details to the hull of the boat. I figured this thing would’ve had a lifetime as a real boat before having a ‘hover conversion’.

The engines like various other details were scratch built out of found objects (including yoghurt pots!) I wanted them to look corroded like the rest of the ship but less green – maybe they’re not made out of brass like the rest of the metal details on the ship? I therefore used a browny colouting which works with the existing copper colour quite well I think.

The main body was constructed from wood cardboard and super sculpey.

More info on my blog.