Bioshock Inspired Steampunk Mask

This is a costume piece that was created for the Lincoln Steampunk Asylum festival. This is kind of like version 2.0 of my previous steampunk mask so it has some refinements in the design - for example it has a ventilation system built into the back of the mask as opposed to having a separate unit stored on my back. This time round I made a mould of the whole thing and casting it in polyurethane resin and fibre glass. It also has some neopixel rings installed in the eyes which are controlled by an arduino.

I struggled a little with the direction of this one, as while I had the form down, I wasn’t sure on the paint scheme. My previous mask had a very clear direction which I lacked a little for this one. Once I settled on making something that could fit into the bioshock games however, things came together quite nicely.

I built the basic form in foam, bondo and fibre glass before making a mould.

I have an entire build log on Youtube:

More info on my blog.