Castle Scale Miniature

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This model was created for use as a setting in my stop motion animation project Real 10.

The detailing on the front of the cathedral is supposed to be made from brass. I painted the building to look as if the brasswork had corroded over the years producing that wonderful green colour you see on old brasswork.

The amount on the front of the cathedral is intended to show that the weather has been hammering away at the building for centuries, staining most of the brickwork green.

Ideally the model should be built to a larger scale than it is, the larger the better. Based on past experience small scale models rarely look that convincing on screen. The problem here though is that the model wouldn't fit through the door if it was any larger! Because of this it was built in segments to allow it to be moved around more easily.

Most of the main structure is made from cardboard and packaging polystyrene.
The cliffs are made from tin foil over polystyrene and then covered with a layer of polyurethane expanding foam.

The towers in the outer walls were sculpted by putting plasticene over a pipe then molding in latex rubber and cast in plaster. The outer details are made from a variety of sources including miniature sculptures, non-slip doormat mesh, doilies and plastic action figures.

I created brickwork detail by cutting into the polystyrene with a stanley blade and scratching in details. Detailing such as miniature ladders and railings were made by soldering wire into shape. Some of the rock formations are made by casting latex molds of real rocks, others are simply cut and shaped polystyrene. The roof tiles are made with hundreds of tabs from VHS videos.