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A rubber puppet of an embryo which I created for a music video. The video had a sci-fi theme so the alien is mutated with another lesser developed embryo growing as a kind of tail.

Finished Puppet


Here're a few photoshopped pictures that were created to show the slient how the final puppet might look. I wanted to get a look that showed off the underlying blood vessels.
As its an embryo and thus not fully developed I figured youd see more of this than you normally would on a fully grown creature.
The photoshop has several layers of blood vessels showing through at various levels of transparency.

The final puppet was be cast in semi-translucent silicon over a basic form comprised of rubber blood vessels.
Unfortunately the transparent look did not come out quite as well as I'd hoped in the final puppet - the method I used to paint the puppet required some relatively thick layers of paint.

Sculpture & Molds

A few words of explanation. The puppet was sculpted in a neutral pose. The finished rubber version had a bendy wire skeleton inside allowing it to be posed in whatever shape we needed. The tail was sculpted in the form of another, less developed embryo. The idea was that the tail will be curled around in front so that the embryo will be looking at it's sibling when it opens it's eyes.

Once the sculpture was finished a clay wall was built up to allow a two piece fibre glass mould to be made.

This video shows the process in creating a fibreglass mold of the sculpture.

My blog also contains step by step information on the creation of this puppet.