A Tale from the Endless Stair

Stop Motion Animation

Pre-Production Production Post-Production

Post Production


I created a trailer for the film once I'd got the majority of the shots done.

Chroma Key

Most of the post production work has involved putting in backgrounds to shots using chroma key. I've become alot more proficient at this since my last animation Real 10 (and I've also bought some lights and chroma key cloth as opposed to using painted bits of wood!)

Adding the backgrounds in has also necessitated a small degree of colour correction to match the foreground and background elements together. I've also added blurring in some cases to fake the depth of field.

Video Effects

Part of the initial concept for the animation was that it transitions between scenes by zooming in and out of paintings in an art gallery. This concept fell by the wayside somewhat, particularly as it ended up being fairly superfluous to the story. I started looking into adding some video effects to the footage as I wanted to have a distinct look to the 'afterlife' in order to differentiate it from the real world. I ended up laying .pngs over the shots to make it look like the camera lens was dirty and stained.

I started adding waterdrop effects to the video to make the picture look as though it was rippling. The idea was to make it look like the demon was causing the fabric of reality to tear when it created it's symbols.

I was also able to be abit more experimental with the intro sequence and use a variety of video effects as I wanted to have a stylised look, something akin to the intro animations often found on Japanese Anime series.


Music is one of those things that you (well I, at least) only start thinking about when you're someway through the edit. I had initially intended to record some music myself, however I eventually abandoned that concept, mostly because I'm rubbish. I can play the guitar, but composing is a whole different skill of which I am not in possession.

Instead I decided to download some music from a royalty free music site. They're plenty of these online. Basically you pay a fee which buys you a license to use the music in whatever production you like. Luckily I managed to find one which was exactly what I was after for the intro sequence.

The rest of the music I turned over to my brother to compose, who is to music what I am to effects (that's almost a compliment).

I edited the animation using a few songs from various soundtracks that I liked and that evoked the correct atmosphere. The main ones were the prologue music from Battlestar Galactica and the Adagio in D minor from the film Sunshine. These were then replaced once we'd recorded the music.