Prosthetic Chest

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This prosthetic chest piece was created for a short film called A Feast of Friends directed by John Webster. The character it was for got dismembered and consumed at the end of the film and as we didn't want to injure our actor (unless we had to), a prosthetic was required.

Here's a video of the prosthetic chest being applied.

The first step in creating the prosthetic was to take a chest cast of the actor.

A prosthetic chest appliance was then created to allow the actors to dismember and eat the victim on cue. I used a mold made from the lifecast to create a clay replica of the actor's chest. This was then sculpted down to a ribcage and a plaster mold was made of that from which a fibreglass replica was produced.

The mold of the chest was then also used to create a fake skin to cover the fibreglass ribcage. This was made from latex and polyurethane foam. There was also a heart made from marzipan that the actors could eat at the end of the film.