Kraken Hunting Gear

These are some props that were built for a music video Beast of the Air. This involves my brother hunting a 'Sky Kraken' from a flying airship. For that we needed a big gun.

The props consisted of a variety of bits and pieces I'd bought attached to a leather harness which I'd constructed. This was my first piece of leatherwork. As it turns out its not too complicated I had a look at a few videos on youtube. You can buy treated pieces of leather online which are ready to be died and worked so I bought a few pieces, some dye, tools and had abit of a practice.

I also bought some detailing tools fleur de lis, runes etc which I used to detail the leather. I'm not sure any of it's visible in the video, but at least the props looked quite nice!

We had a few mishaps whilst testing the kit:

More info on my blog.