The Lady of Pain

This a quick sculpture I made of The Lady of Pain, a character from the Planescape Dungeons and Dragons setting. I've always loved the design and wanted to make a model. It's made from thin brass sheeting, plastic and milliput epoxy. I corroded the brass using Scopas Cupra, plumbers flux and salt. I've always loved the look of corroded brass so this was a fun project to work on. I also knew the colour would look awesome once I'd had a chance to get the pics into photoshop.

Credit to Dana Knutson, the original designer of the Lady of Pain and Cindy and Robh Ruppel, Dave Sutherland, Dennis Kauth, Diesel LaForce, Rob Lazzaretti, Steve Beck and Dennis Kauth who were all involved in the creation of the original sculpture used for the Planescape setting.
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