This is a short horror film directed by Can Evrenol that I created a variety of props and creature effects for. These included the main mask prop which was supposed to be a haunted artifact that would possess the person that ends up putting it on.

The film was screened at Frightfest 2010 in Leicester Square London, at the British Film Institute and at various international film festivals including Fantastic Fest, Sitges and HP Lovecraft film festivals in Spain and the US. We even won the 'Sick Bastard' award in the HP Lovecraft film festival for 'most disturbing short', which was nice.

Here's some behind the scenes footage.

Initially the idea was that the mask would be able to open a monsterous toothy maw. I wanted to do something a little more dynamic though and came up with the idea that the mask would somehow be a 'portal' to hell (or similar) and thus would spawn a demon in the poor childs throat, complete with thrashing tentacles(!).

Here are a few pics of various concept sculpts of the main mask prop and creatures. The embryo was intended to be eaten by the creature once it had fully transformed. I'll leave you to wonder where he gets it from.........

Here're some pics of the various concept sculptures and props.

I created several puppets for the transformation of the child into the creature. The first step was a puppet with a large swollen neck which I manipulated to make it look like it was swelling. We then had a breakaway mask which was held together with magnets through which a mass of thrashing tentacles burst forth. Finally we had a puppet with tentacles and a horrid toothy maw as well as well a mask version for the actor to wear.

Other items included several rubber embryo puppets (pictured above) and a fake pregnancy stomach for the lead actress.

Here's a pic of the various bits and pieces ready to be filmed:

And here's a rough test video showing how the effects work in the final film.

There're plenty of additional pictures available here:

Mask Concept Gallery 1
Mask Concept Gallery 2
Mask Concept Gallery 3
Mask Concept Gallery 4
Embryo Concept Gallery 1
Embryo Concept Gallery 2
Mask Prop sculpt Gallery
Damaged Mask Prop sculpt Gallery
Final Mask Prop Gallery
Embryo Sculpt Gallery
Creature Mouth Gallery 1
Creature Mouth Gallery 2
Creature Mouth Gallery 3
Film Shoot Gallery

And there's more info on my blog.