Measure of a Man Music Video


This is a music video I made for Comrade Robot, the worlds only post-apocalyptic, quasi-acoustic, indie-folk duo, for their song 'Measure of a Man'. The song's about robots taking over the world and so the video had to feature robots of some kind.

As the video was shot in the front room of a flat we needed something to elevate it beyond it's fairly humble setting. I therefore came up with the concept of the band being attacked by a giant robot during the course of the song. The robot would demolish the block of flats and the band would try to escape but be caught in the collapse. They would then emerge from the rubble and be revealed as robots themselves.

The video therefore called for a robot to be the main antagonist which was to be realised through stop motion animation and some robot makeup effects to portray the band as robots.

The video was shot in several stages, first off a live action shoot to capture the band performing, then a series of stop motion animation shots utilising the stop motion animation puppet that I constructed and finally some shots of the guys in some robot makeup that I'd put together.

The guys were shot against a greenscreen in their robot makeup to integrate them into the video. Here they are recovering with their former aggressor.

Information on the various processes involved in creating the video can be found on my blog;

Here's a rough edit of the video that was produced with animatics for where the robot will appear and also a trailer.