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Arm Sculpture Pictures

This is a silicon rubber puppet that was created for a short video. View the film here!

The final puppet was articulated to an extent - it's head,eyes and jaw could move. I also added a left arm so I could puppeteer it picking things up.

It started as a sculpture in Chavant. When I started this I wasn't quite sure whether it was going to be a zombie or an old dude, or a robot, or a zombie old dude robot (!).

I had originally toyed with the idea of doing some kind of goblin/orc; I definately wanted to do something with textured skin as I'd found that Cavant really holds such detail very well.

The plan was to cast it up in silicon and articulate it. With this in mind I ordered some glass eyes to give it a more realistic look.

I did my maths and the head was just under 1:2 scale; its about 10cm high. Adult male heads can be somewhere between 20-26cm high with eyes about 23-26mm diameter. I've therefore put in 12mm eyes. I originally thought they perhaps looked a little too large however larger eyes tend to make things look more friendly while smaller eyes make them look more evil, so that seemed to work in my favour (I didn't want this to look threatening).

After a while I settled on the idea of the sculpture being a damaged android (or 'Oldroid'). I added some mechanical looking gubbins in the back of the head beneath some torn flesh. These didn't form part of the final sculpt but were just there to represent how it might look. This kind of gave it abit of a steampunk look.


I also made a second puppet using a cast of the face. This was cobbled together from various bits and pieces. It was actually intended to be seen in the background only, but I kinda like it so I did a little bit more with it. It's got some limited movement so I did a short animated section.

Finished Pictures

For more info go to my blog which has step by step posts on the creation of the robot.