This is a short video piece involving my 0.L.Droid puppet. It was shot over a few days on a fold out table in my front room.

I'm pleased to say that 0.L.Droid won the short film competition at Weekend at the Asylum 2010, the UK steampunk festival.

I have a habit of coming up with ideas that in practice take ages to film, so this was intended to be very short. It kinda ended up being abit longer than the 60 seconds or so I'd intended!

Rather coincidentally my brother had at the same time started writing a steam punk inspired album, 'Spinning the Compass' and had even written one of the songs 'Ingenious Devices' with my Oldroid in mind. I promptly nicked three of his songs for the video.

I made a real effort to concentrate on the lighting and camera work for this one. Not having any real experience with cameras, it's always been something I've overlooked, usually to the detriment of the finished piece. To this end I bought some lighting gels and a black backdrop and spent some time experimenting with different light schemes.

The 'set', such as it was, consisted of the backdrop and a few items I'd 'steam-punked' up, including the mold that I used to make the puppet. I figured it could serve as a kind of machine that implied the robot had been manufactured using it, which of course it had been, though perhaps not in the way suggested in the film.

Other bit's and pieces included a clock which hung in the background and a rather excellent miniature gramophone that I bought off ebay (pictured above). I modified it so the turntable could rotate through means of a drill situated beneath the table.

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