Dragon Sculpture


This was the initial sculpture for use as an animatronic dragon. It was to have been used in my stop motion animation project Real 10.

The original idea was to have had the knight character hunting the dragon in the forest and stumbling upon the castle by accident. The dragon would have drawn closer throughout the fight until it landed on the castle roof and incinerated both the knight and the statue with it's breath weapon.

Unfortunately, the plot of the film evolved over the course of filming to completely eliminate the dragon from the story. I realised shortly after I started shooting that creating the dragon would add another 3-4 months onto a project that had already been running for about 12 months: I still had to create a stop motion puppet for the dragon - it only exists as a head mold at the minute.

Once the sculpture was finished it was molded in fibre glass. The teeth and horns were molded in latex and cast in resin. The finished model was to have been cast in polyurethane foam over a fibre glass structure.