Steampunk Gauntlet


A seampunk prop perhaps slightly inspired by Iron Man, or brass man, if you will.

The main idea came from a piece of quartz crystal that I had. I had an idea for securing it inside a metal ring as though power was being drawn from it somehow. The piece kind of flowed from there after that and I couldn't resist putting together a video for it. I do plan to do another video at some point which'll be abit more substantial.

I put a blue LED underneath the crystal to make it glow.

It's mainly made from veg tan leather which was covered with detail made from a variety of found objects including a pressure gauge I'd got off ebay and a light fitting that sat in the palm. The cables are made from a sink unblocker that I got from a 1 shop. The long silver thing is some sort of medical probe I got from ebay.

The brass panelling looks quite effective I think. It's quite easy to do and can be cut with scissors but looks abit more substantial than that would suggest.

I took the gauntlet down to Weekend at the Asylum, Lincoln's Steampunk festival. It proved pretty popular and I had plenty of people coming up and asking to take pictures which was nice.

More info on my blog.