Geist Goggles

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This is a set of steampunk props made for a music video called Spinning the Compass. The idea is that they're 'Geist Goggles' that allow you to see Geists, Spooks and Spectres, as conveyed in this advert:

They were displayed in The Greatest Steampunk Exhibition in Kew Steam Museum.

I tried to make these as rugged as they could be: the lenses which were taken from a set of old binoculars are quite heavy so I needed to make sure as much of it was bolted together as well as being glued in case it pulled itself apart.

I also tried to make it look as functional as possible; i.e. that all the extensions and mechanical parts look as though they have a purpose in the context of the overall piece, even if they donít really.

The piece is 'powered' by a small steam powered power plant that is worn on the arm.

Here's a set of photos from Flickr.

More info on my blog.