Steampunk Mask

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This is a steampunk costume I created for a music video. The original piece was displayed in The Greatest Steampunk Exhibition in Kew Steam Museum and was even featured in a book! It's since proved rather popular with people and I've built a number of diferent versions detailed below.

Version I

It comprises a fibre glass cast of a mask I made for a horror film 'To my Mother and Father' which has been 'enhanced' with some steampunk gubbins made from various pieces including bits from old cameras and binoculars.

To accompany the mask I’ve also made a skull cap. The idea is that this is either an electro shock skull cap or maybe from an electric chair. The cables dangling down are intended to be from equipment that the skull cap was previously attached to and has since been wrenched free of. Perhaps it's occupant escaped his treatment or death sentence.

The idea is that the character has been disfigured by the electro shock therapy/execution attempt he’s received and that’s why he’s wearing the mask. The whole thing is topped off with a jauntily angled top hat. I added a bracket that holds the top hat in place as it wouldn't stay put on it's own. I figured that even if this guy is trapped in an electro-shock gizmo, etiquette would dictate that a gentleman still wouldn’t want to be seen without his hat.

The skull cap was sculpted in chavant oil clay and a mould was made in plaster. It was then cast in fibre glass. The silver mechanical piece is the head assembly from a VHS player.

I put together a quick test vid of the piece.

Version II

I was commissioned to make a new version of the mask for a friend. I'd recently got into metal work so I was able to make alot of the original pieces from brass this time around. I was also able to add some more effective lights into the side. I made the harness out of leather this time rather than fibre glass so it'd be a little more comfortable to wear.

This version ended up being featured in ‘The Imaginarium’, a series of steampunk images by Gary Nicholls.

Version III

I never retrieved the original mask from the exhibition so I didn't actually own a version myself for quite a while. It started getting quite popular so I really wanted one myself so I made another! The mask was always vaguely based on the Predator so this time around I also made myself a shoulder cannon to accompany the mask.

More info on my blog.