Steampunk Tower


This is a miniature that was built for my steampunk music video Beast of the Air which is about hunting sky kraken from an airship. The idea is that the tower has been ’steampunked’ itself and so it’s broken areas have been clad in brass panelling. The airship is docked at the platform that sticks out the side.

The chorus of the songs says that ‘the beast of the air wails a sing, wails a song to keep us dreaming’, so I figured that a sky kraken hunter might attract the beast by playing it’s song back at it, to summon it from the heavens, hence the rather large megaphone attached to the top. These are attached to some steampunk gizmos to generate enough power to summon the kraken!

The tower was built from a piece of drain pipe which was covered in polystyrene and then detailed with a variety of found objects.

More info on my blog.