Stop Motion Demon


Stop motion animation puppets contain a rigid skeleton with moveable joints that enables them to be posed. There are several methods used to create this including wire skeletons and wooden artists mannequins. I used this method to create my previous two stop motion puppets. There are links to these on the left.

Professional stop motion animation puppets use machined ball and socket joint armatures. I don't have the facilities to create one myself but luckily you can buy the parts online. The first step was to work out how many joints the puppet would need. The armature is then built up in the correct proportions.

Aluminium wire is added to the armature so the fingers and toes can be positioned.

In prepration for casting, the armature is bulked up with fibre glass and resin pieces to fill in the chest and legs. The entire piece is covered in clingfilm to stop the rubber that will coat it clogging up the joints.

As the rubber coating will be slightly translucent, the armature is painted red and some crude veins are painted on. The idea was that they'll be faintly visible through the rubber (didn't quite work out that way in the end!).

The next step is to cast the puppet in silicon.