Stop Motion Demon


The first step was to conduct a test to iron out any problems. I'm using a mold I made previously for the tentacles on the back of the Demon puppets head.

Oil paint is added to the silicon rubber as a pigment.

A layer of vaseline is added as a seperating agent. The mold is clamped closed.

The silicon rubber is then injected into the mold.

The end result is pretty good. There's a few areas where air bubbles have formed but this can be overcome by rotating the mold to allow the rubber to flow. The rubber itself has alot of small bubbles in it as well. While not ideal this isn't a major problem, I may have to leave additional time for the rubber to de-gas prior to casting or use a pressure chamber to suck out the excess air.

Casting the Main Body

In preperation for casting the body of the puppet I've adjusted the Armature to make sure it fits into the mold.

Rubber is poured into the mold initially to make sure no air bubbles form on the surface. The finished armature is placed in the mold.

The mold's then clamped closed and the remaining silicon rubber is injected into the mold.

The finished cast is then carefully removed from the mold.

The finished cast.