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Making a Matrix Mould Tutorial page 2

Once the fibre glass is dry the clay on the back of the mold is cleaned off.

A clay case is then built over this half of the mold. The model is covered in cling film again to keep it clean.

A layer of vaseline is added to the back of the fibre glass. This acts as a seperating agent and stops the second layer of fibre glass sticking to the first.

The back of the mold is then covered in fibre glass as well. Once dry, the mold is split in half and the clay on the inside of one half is cleaned out, leaving the section of fibre glass hollow. The clay removed from the mold is retained and placed in a measuring flask to ascertain how much silicon will be needed to fill the mold.

The clay surrounding the other half of the model is then cleaned up and made to align with the details of the model. Seam lines and keys are added.

The mold is then bolted together and silicon is injected into a hole cut in the back using a large syringe (I used one which is made for icing cakes).

The mold is then opened and cleaned up and we have the first half of the silicon mold completed.

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