Stop Motion Demon


The first step in creating the maquette was to create a wire armature on which the clay would adhere.

The maquette was sculpted in super sculpey, a polymer clay that hardens when cooked in an oven.

Several diffierent concepts were tried as the sculpture progressed including a set of tentacles on the creatures back.

The idea was that the creatures body was being taken over by a kind of tentacled parasite and it's body was slowly changing. The idea was scaled back abit but that's what led to the tentacled set of genetalia that the creature sports. I wanted it to appear unsettling and that seemed to do the trick!

Once the initial sculpture was nearing completion and I had finalised the body I cooked it so that none of the detail would accidentally be ruined.

I then concentrated on the head which will be cast separately to the body as it's much more complex. The tentacles on the head will also be cast separately, so I worked out where the joins would go in the design and added detail to obscure them.

The head was split into several different parts to make it easier to cast.

Finished sculpture

Once the maquette was finished a mold was made from which the final puppet will be cast. This involves creating a silicon mold with a fibre glass casing. Click here for details on the mold making process.