Stop Motion Knight Puppet

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This puppet is the knight character from my stop motion animation project Real 10. He is attacked by the statue he encounters in the castle.

The basic armature that the model is constructed over is a wooden artists mannequin which I've modified. The way it was originally jointed did not allow it to move in a free enough way to allow it to be used as a stop motion puppet. I therefore replaced the shoulders with ball joints and carved the elbow and knee joints slightly to allow them to move more freely.

The puppet was then attached to a support and animated against a greenscreen or miniature set.

The knight wears an intricate set of scale chainmail armour. Each ring was made by winding wire round a spindle, individually cut and then hand linked. This took about 3-4 months, working a few hours each day. I made two sizes, the smaller one for use on the helmet. I used different types and guages of wire to add abit of variety to the look. Some sections are also damaged or joined together in weird ways to make it look like the occupant has had to repair it himself sometimes.

Once the chainmail was finished it was attached to the modified armature. The plate armour was made out of plastic and detailed with weathering created by denting the plastic with a hammer. Sculptural details were created by gluing on detailed sections from doilies.

The concept for the knight puppet was that he was a traveling adventurer who had been on the road for several years. I created broken sections in the chain mail in order to demonstrate the wear and tear the armour had undergone and also used wire of different gauges in order to show that he'd had to repair it himself several times.I also battered the plate armour with a hammer in places to give a scarred look. Some of this can be seen on the breast plate.

In the end the concept changed slightly and the model ended up looking slightly less battered than was originally planned. I still wanted as 'real' a look as possible (for a puppet), so the armour is detailed with all the buckles and straps that it would need to function as if it were full size.