Stop Motion Animation Robot Puppet

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This robot is a stop motion animation puppet which was created for a music video I shot for Comrade Robot, the worlds only post-apocalyptic, quasi-acoustic, indie-folk duo, for their song 'Measure of a Man'.

The puppet's scratch built out of various found objects (the body's a tea strainer, the legs are wood, there's bits of broken cameras in there, old computer parts, action figures etc etc) and covered in a 'skin' of detailing made out of aluminium and plastic pipes and plates. Additional detailing was created using cabling, press studs, sewing paraphanaelia and anything else with a mechanical look that I could find.

The puppet was shot in HD against greenscreen and then composited into live action shots using chroma key.

The articulation all works so the pistons will all move once the thing's animated. I'm particularly pleased with the hand, which was a little fiddly.

Here's the finished music video.

For more info go to my blog which has step by step posts on the creation of the robot and other effects that went into making the video.