Stop Motion Animation Statue Puppet

Original Sculpture Pictures In-Progress Pictures Finished Pictures

This puppet was for use in my stop motion animation Real 10. In the film, the statue comes to life and fights the knight in the castle.

The puppets were animated against greenscreen and then images of the castle were put into the background afterwards.

The model was originally sculpted in plasticene and was to be molded in a two part plaster mold and cast in flexible polyurethane foam over a wooden artists mannequin, to allow it to flex and be posed.

Unfortunately there was abit of a setback: the polyurethane foam didn't cure properly and the mould ended up full of gooey rubber. I also realised the foam wouldn't be springy enough to allow the puppet to move freely. I decided to re-sculpt the model in super sculpey: this allowed me to improve on the original sculpture.

The model was sculpted straight onto a wooden artists mannequin and was designed to allow the joints to move freely so it could be easily posed.

I sculpted the statue to have a roman / greek look to it to differentiate it from the medieval look of the main castle. I tried to work as much detail into the sculpture as I could, taking reference from frescoes and real roman statues. It's painted to look as if it's made from marble