Terminator Make-up V2.0

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My second attempt at creating some makeup effects based on the Terminator film series. This has been something of a pet project for me, Stan Winston and the Terminator films in general are what got me interested in this field in the first place. This new version is designed to be alot thinner and be comprised of separate parts rather than being one large piece. My previous attempt covered the eye socket with a fibre glass shell, this one leaves the eye socket open. The red LED this time is a separate piece which will sit over the eye. Additionally rather than building up the prosthetic piece to give a sense of depth, I instead decided to make the make-up very thin and use black water based make-up on the skin below the prosthetic to give the impression of depth. The previous version was made of silicon which made it difficult to get a decent blend between the skin and make-up. This time round I used gelatin. The advantage here is that you can melt the edges with isopropyl alcohol to blend them into the skin.

Here's a short video I made using the makeup. It seemed to me I should actually do something with it rather than just make it, put it on, take a few pics then just bin it!

The makeup was sculpted in sculpey over a lifecast. I then made molds of both the flesh section and the metal skull section. I cast the skull section in resin filled with aluminium powder to give it a metallic look. The eye piece is made from a wheel rim from a toy car, the camera mount that I pulled out my camera when I accidentally smashed it, a red stud designed to be used in jewellery making, an LED and some foam core and super glue holding it all in place.

I've put a video together showing the processes involved in creating the makeup and there's some detailed step by step information available on my blog by clicking on the below pic.