Prosthetic Tube Make-up Effects

Make-up Test Pictures Prosthetic Leg Pictures Pictures from the Shoot

I was hired to create some prosthetic make-up effects for a short film. The scene required an actor to be drained of his blood through tubes embedded in his body. A close up was also required showing the killer cutting into the mans leg and attaching one of the tubes to an artery.

I created prosthetic appliances to show the tubes entering the body. This was done by sculpting the appliance and making a mold. The pieces were cast in coloured latex. Blood was pumped on cue from pressure bottles hidden beneath the chair.

For a close up, a prosthetic limb was required. I cast the front half of my own leg in plaster and then pressed clay into the mold. I sculpted the back of the leg and then made a fibre glass mold. A layer of flesh coloured latex was painted on the interior of the mold. Once dry, this was filled with expanding polyurethane foam to give it form.