Through These Veins

These are a series of images I created for my brother's EP Through These Veins. One of the songs is about someone being in suspended animation in a tank full of fluid, so I thought what better excuse do I need than to submerge my brother in a tank full of water?

As it transpired we couldn't find a tank full of water, and for some reason tom didn't want to drown. We therefore resorted to some CG and green screen work. And some fishing line holding tom's hair in mid air as though it was floating. You can see him below, looking stupid.

I also made a partial frame from styrene plastic and the breathing apparatus was cobbled together with various bits of junk that was lying about. There's the cap off a tube of hair gel in there, a rawl plug, some conduit, a couple of empty nitrous oxide canisters and a few plumbing bits.

There's a little more info on my blog. And a gallery on Flickr.