Vitruvian Man


This model has gone through several different versions. Originally it was gonna be an angel trapped in a huge circle of skulls being ripped apart by chains (yeah ok, I'd been watching Hellraiser.....)

Anyway, a few years later I decided to remake it. As you can see it's based on Leonardo da Vinci's famous Illustration, but with a twist. The finished version was intended to be manacled inside a giant circular piece of machinery.

I tried to concentrate particularly on the strain showing on the mans face and body. It was meant to look like he was being pulled apart, kinda like he was trapped in a large complicated torture rack.

I was quite happy with the sculpture on this one, although it doesn't look quite right from some angles, I thought the proportions of the body looked pretty good. Needless to say, the model never got finished. The sculptures almost done, but I never got round to casting it. Maybe I will one day......