This was going to be a short video, similar in form to my Oldroid vid, which was going to be a werewolf transformation sequence.

I wanted to have a slightly different take on it to the usual 'man transforms into wolf' idea and so I came up with the idea of the werewolf forming on the inside of the man and then bursting out.

That idea's certainly been done before, but much less than the more traditional take and I've certainly never seen a film/vid with it.

The plan was to make a series of rubber puppets to film the sequence. It was going to involve an old guy (they're more fun to sculpt) who starts convulsing and his body rippling. The camera then pushes inside him to show a werewolf embryo growing within.

I also wanted to do the classic shot from An American Werewolf in London where the face elongates, however I want mine to keep stretching until the skin tears and the werewolf emerges from beneath, abit like a snake shedding it's skin perhaps.

There're going to be four puppets in total - the old man which will be a 2/3 scale puppet, a werewolf embryo, a 2/3 scale werewolf head and sholders and a 1/6 scale werewolf stop motion animation puppet.

2/3 scale old dude.

2/3 scale Werewolf and 1/6 scale Stopmotion Animation Puppet

Embryo puppet sculpt.

Embryo concept sculpts.

More info on my blog.